This script checks if your server configuration meets the requirements for running Email Based Subscriber Notification System. It checks if the server is running the right version of PHP, if appropriate PHP extensions have been loaded, and if php.ini file settings are correct.


Congratulations! Your server configuration satisfies all requirements by Email Based Subscriber Notification System.


PHP version Passed
$_SERVER variable Passed
Reflection extension Passed
PCRE extension Passed
SPL extension Passed
DOM extension Passed
PDO extension Passed
PDO MySQL extension Passed
Mcrypt extension Passed
crypt() MCRYPT_RIJNDAEL_256 option Passed
GD extension with
FreeType support
or ImageMagick
extension with
PNG support
Ctype extension Passed
Socket Passed
cURL Passed
Safe mode (php.ini directive) must be disabled Passed
Mbstring extension Passed
 passed  failed